After years of competing at the highest levels, both Kim & Caroline understand the importance of the traveling show schedule and offering the best opportunities to both their clients & horses. The entire Riverstone team believes in supporting their client's showing goals while maintaining their horse's health and happiness and maintains that with a schedule that allows for competing successfully while relaxing and training in between. 

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During the summer months, the team enjoys the benefits of the central location of Riverstone North in New York. Traveling between shows like Old Salem, HITS Saugerties and HITS Vermont allowing for a competitive show schedule year-round while also remaining close to home and allowing our horses time to relax and enjoy time off. 

competitive schedule

The Riverstone team regularly competes during the entire winter circuit at the brand new World Equestrian Center located in Ocala, Florida, just minutes from Riverstone South. This allows for all of the amenities of world-class horse showing while maintaining the comforts of home right around the corner.



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